Abacaxi Digital is a digital marketing powerhouse based in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil, offering a spectrum of services from branding to web design and social media management. With a fun and friendly ethos, they are committed to finding innovative solutions to digital 'abacaxis' — a playful term derived from their name, which means 'pineapples' in Portuguese, symbolizing the problems they aim to solve for their clients.
The primary objective was to create a visual identity for Abacaxi Digital that would resonate with the local culture of São Luís, while encapsulating the vibrant, fun, and solution-oriented personality of the company. The visual identity needed to be a testament to their expertise in solving digital 'abacaxis' with a friendly approach.
To bring Abacaxi Digital's vibrant personality to life, a logo deeply rooted in the local culture was crafted. Drawing inspiration from wood-carved illustrations, the font chosen for the logo mirrored this artistic tradition, giving it a rich, textured appearance. The letters were arranged to resemble the body of a pineapple, topped with a crown that not only represented the pineapple's crown but also stood as a symbol of the quality of work they deliver. This was complemented by a series of colourful pineapple illustrations, creating a brand identity that was both joyful and deeply connected to the local culture. The result was a logo that perfectly embodied the spirit of Abacaxi Digital, a testament to their commitment to quality, fun, and local businesses, which has stood the test of time, remaining the company's logo to this day.

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