Cineplex is an entertainment company, widely recognized for its chain of movie theaters with 160 locations across Canada. It provides a contemporary and comfortable setting for people to enjoy a wide variety of films, from big-budget blockbusters to timeless favorites. Known for its quality service and modern facilities, Cineplex is a go-to destination for those looking to unwind and enjoy a cinematic escape.
In-house, we embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine and rejuvenate the brand identity of Cineplex. Tasked with a comprehensive overhaul, our vision was to craft a visual identity system that exuded flexibility and clarity, transcending mere functionality to embrace rich expressive assets.
Our primary challenge was to harmonize the vast array of Cineplex’s brand elements, from photography to typography,  ensuring a coherent and impactful brand presence across multiple touchpoints. The goal was not just to refresh but to reinforce what Cineplex means to Canadians, to create a brand identity that resonates deeply with them borrowing from the over two decades of entertainment history of Cineplex.

Our creative journey commenced with the introduction of new ways to interpret the typefaces that were so familiar to us, each chosen to echo the concept of cinematic. We delved into refining typographic hierarchies, weaving a narrative that spoke through fonts and weights. Backgrounds were reimagined to set stages that invite and intrigue, while the menu and popcorn bags underwent a transformation, marrying practicality with allure.
Central to our redesign narrative was the establishment of a flexible logo – one that is adept at adapting its form to suit various contexts and applications, ensuring brand recognition and continuity.

Social media channels and pre-show visuals were imbued with the rejuvenated Cineplex spirit, reflecting the refreshed brand aesthetics. This revitalization was not just visual but strategic, ensuring every post, every frame, and every interaction resonated with the brand's renewed essence.
From the simplistic elegance of icons to the intricate narratives of detailed illustrations, our visual system embraced a spectrum. Guided by a set palette yet unbound in style, these assets served a dual purpose – to inform and to enchant.
For the social channels, our strategy was twofold – to captivate and to connect. Drawing from our design system, we crafted a social media aesthetic that not only aligned with the brand but also engaged its audience, transforming every interaction into an experience.

We redefined how merchandise was presented and perceived, turning every point of interaction into a touchpoint for the brand. This journey traversed the digital and the physical, blending spaces, screens, and interactions into a cohesive brand experience.

The culmination of our efforts was a brand identity that not only resonated with the audience but also became a testament to the fusion of creativity and strategy. The new Cineplex identity is not just seen or heard; it’s experienced – in every ticket bought, in every corner turned, and in every story told.

Company: Cineplex
Senior Designers: Carolina Sattie, Andrea Zadro, Kelly Hotles, Julia Dickieson
Design Director: Michael Lucas
Art Director: Erikson Melton
VP of Coms: Sara Moore


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