ÍRÁN:CI, with nine successful editions, has become a staple in the cultural calendars of Prague, Brno, and Bratislava, drawing over 35,000 attendees across its history. Collaborating with the Farsi Cinema Center, it offers a rich array of Iranian art forms, from cinema to music and theatre performances, making it a multicultural hub for art enthusiasts every January.
The objective was to develop a brand identity for ÍRÁN:CI's 8th edition that would resonate deeply with the chosen theme of 'Immortality'.
For the 8th edition, we crafted a visual identity centred around the 'Immortality' theme. The highlight was a poster depicting a body covered with a long white sheet on a red carpet, with a bouquet of red roses atop the sheet, creating a vivid yet solemn imagery that beautifully tied into the theme. This imagery guided the colour choices and design elements across all deliverables, offering a modern and cohesive visual experience that echoed the vibrant and timeless aspects of Iranian culture.
video credits: The Other End (theotherend.ca)
Company: The Other End
Senior Designer: Carolina Sattie
Creative Director: Ghazaleh Avarzamani

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