'PS: Te Amo' is a premium gift curation service that transforms the art of gifting into a more personal and heartfelt experience. This project, focuses on creating an identity that resonates with love, care, and sophistication.

Based in New York, they specialize in creating personalized, thoughtful gifts that convey deep emotions and connections. The vision was to encapsulate efficiency, curation, thoughtfulness, and love in the brand's identity, reflecting a personal touch in every aspect of the service. The primary audience includes women aged 25-45 who appreciate the art of gifting and value the sentiment and quality behind each present.

The brand identity needed to be soft, simple, rustic yet elegant, emphasizing the handmade, labor-intensive nature of the gifts.

Inspired by the personal stories and emotional depth in gift-giving, my design process involved deep research into the realms of personalized gifts, artisanal crafting, and the timeless beauty of handcrafted items.
The color scheme is a palette of pastel tones, creating a sense of comfort and elegance. The typography blends classic and contemporary styles to reflect the brand's modern approach to a traditional art - gift giving.
The concept for 'PS: Te Amo' revolves around the intimate process of selecting and presenting a gift that speaks volumes. The brand's essence is rooted in love and personalized attention.

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